Long Sleeve

Flash Print Enterprise are having all kind of printing services such as sublimation, customise shirt and uniform, silkscreen printing, pad printing, roller printing, hot stamping, UV printing, laser engraving and heat press.

With different kind of printing services provided, we could provide the most suitable for our client depending on what kind of items they want to print on. As up to date, we are provided various corporate gift printing such as pen, thumb drive, trophy, magnet, and various customise t-shirt printing for corporate uniform and events.

Besides that, we are also provided ready make corporate gift and t-shirts for which client needed for immediately. In our retail shop, we are placing different kind of samples such as goodies bag, thumb drive, trophy, certificate, and other printable product to show client. They can always walk away with anything we have in our retail shop or discuss with our sales manager to have better idea on what they really need for themselves.

Design is always a problems for client as they may have some thought but it is hard for them to express in a design manner. Therefore, Flash Print is a one-stop solution by begin our services with customise design after obtaining an idea from client their needs. Nowadays, design cost is quite expensive in the market but we are providing at very reasonable cost.

Last but not lease, our product and services will always make sure client obtain what they want at the end of product delivery. It have to be always same as the promise from the design that is mutually agreed by both Flash Print and the client.

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